About Us

Hi my name is Dr Suresh Kumar Gupta. I am a Pelvic Therapist and a Pelvic Power Trainer. I started Gyra Healthcare and Wellness LLP in 2016. Neokeg is a brand name for Kegel Exerciser. I, myself was suffering with pelvic dysfunctions due to weak pelvic floor muscles. So I start researching about pelvic floor in 2013. I could not find anything about pelvic floor muscle strengthening programme in India. It took me a long time to understand how pelvic floor muscles can affect so many conditions in the body like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, loose vaginal muscles, uterus prolapse, bladder prolapse, rectum prolapse etc. Then I decided to manufacture a kegel exercise device which can strengthen the weak pelvic floor muscles and which is not harmful for the body. So I decided to make kegel exercise device with surgical stainless steel which will be rust free, non porous so bacteria etc can not go inside, 100% safe to use, can add weight to kegel exercises and most importantly I can give lifelong warranty on the product. In 2016 I started manufacturing UPTD for men, a rectal device and FPTD for women, a vaginal device in India. I GUARANTEE, if someone will use Neokeg for few months their problems will go away permanently. Conditions are, person should be able to do exercise properly and should not have tight pelvic floor muscles. And it’s easy to find out tight pelvic floor muscles. Usually tight pelvic floor muscles will give you pelvic pain and constipation. You can write me to more know about your pelvic floor condition. We are shipping these devices worldwide.