Leaking Of Urine Without Warning Is Such A Nightmare!!!

15 May Leaking Of Urine Without Warning Is Such A Nightmare!!!

Are you suffering with urge incontinence or have Constant urge to pee? You are not alone. So many people suffer with uncontrolled urination in life due to hampered micturation process( process of urination). Many have to get up several time for urination at night.

Poor voiding habits and weak/ tight pelvic muscles and bladder muscles can send wrong signals to brain. Even when bladder is not full, we feel urge to pee or urge to urinate. Urine control exercises and Kegel exercises can help in urge incontinence treatment.

Usually when pelvic floor muscles are tight due to chronic bracing of abdomen and chest breathing, person is not able to void urine completely and there is constant urge to urination. There is slow flow of urine. If we learn how to relax pelvic floor muscles and do bladder training we can reverse the issues related to urinary incontinence.

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