The Male Kegel Exercise Device: The PC Muscle and Exercise to Increase Sexual Stamina

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23 Mar The Male Kegel Exercise Device: The PC Muscle and Exercise to Increase Sexual Stamina

A lot of people are not clear about the science behind Kegel exercises. If you are one of them, you should know that Kegel exercises are connected with two of the significant factors of the male physiology: better sexual stamina, and improved larger erections of the penis. The popularity of Kegel exercises is only increasing, especially since the last two decades. By doing easy-to-follow Kegel exercises, you can drastically improve your overall sex experience. In simple words, you can satisfy your partner.

Unfortunately, feeling under-confident or insecure about sexual performance is not something rare for men. And, fortunately, you can improve yours by following simple, yet practical steps, such as getting the best out of male Kegel exercise devices. Let’s know more why this device is gaining popularity in the men fraternity.

Why is the Kegel exercise device useful, even more than drugs and surgery?

Yes, Kegel exercise is very beneficial in a lot of ways. If you want to increase its effectiveness even further, you should consider having UPTD – a Kegel exercising device, specially designed for men.

How is Kegel exercise with UPTD more effective than doing Kegel without it?

• UPTD is known for providing decent strength and resistance to the pelvic floor muscles.
• The device is softly inserted in your rectum, and some contraction steps are performed.
• The device is then pulled upward with the help of its tapered sides.
• During all these procedures, some beneficial actions happen:

– The weight is slowly lifted.
– Muscle contraction takes place on the device’s tapered sides.
– Entire pelvic floor muscles are involved in the exercise.
– The stimulation of pelvic floor nerves happens.

While performing the contraction, you will feel the inward and upward movement of the device. With the regular flow of the device, you will automatically think that you are performing Kegels the right way (Not necessarily possible while playing without UPTD).

How to get most of this device:

– First of all, correctly locate your pelvic floor muscles. You can tighten your muscles surrounding the rectum and urethra to find the muscles precisely. An attempt to stop urination is also an effective way.
– Wash the device properly with warm water.
– Moisten the upper surface using a suitable, soft lubricant.
– Start inserting the device very slowly into your anus. Don’t inset beyond the centreline.

– You won’t feel any discomfort with correct insertion. Once the device is inserted near the centreline, stop an effort from your side, keep yourself in the same position.
– Once you are comfortable with the position, start contracting by slowly squeezing on the device’s tapered sides.
– If placed correctly, the device should move upward with your muscles’ contraction. With continuous muscle movement, the device should move deeper into the anal canal.
– You should feel that you are slowly pulling the device upward into the rectum.
– The movement should not cross the 2” mark.
– You should perform a contraction of five seconds, and then rapid contractions for five times. Follow it with a rest of 30 seconds. Repeat the process for 5 to 10 minutes, or until you are exhausted.
– Perform exercise 3 to 4 days a week. You will start noticing the desired results.

So, that’s all about the UPTD device. Hopefully, you are now familiar with it, and you will feel confident enough before using it. Enjoy the fantastic benefits of Kegel’s exercise with this innovative, capable device.

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